Mini School Hatcheries


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On November 17, 2010 the Lake Huron Fishing Club set up a Salmon Mini-Hatchery Aquarium at the Teeswater Hillcrest Central School in the Grade 2 & 3 class.

Club Member Richard Elliott Jr of Teeswater is in charge of the project.

The Hatchery start up Blog may be followed by clicking here and the current Hatcheries Blog here.

A YouTube video of the Teeswater Mini-Hatchery start up may be viewed by clicking here. YouTube video on all hatcheries may be viewed here.

Pictures of students releasing fish in May 2016 may be viewed by clicking here.

Videos of students releasing fish at the Southampton Boat Ramp spring of 2012 may be viewed here.

We now have close to 40 schools in the program.