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The Lake Huron Fishing Club is a conservation based Sports Club formed in 1983 by a dedicated group of anglers on the Ontario shore of Lake Huron.

Thousands of hours of volunteer work are completed each year by our Club Members operating two fish hatcheries, stream enhancements, environmental improvements, projects in schools, endeavors to protect the fishing rights of all citizens and assisting government agencies on assessment, enforcement etc.

When we are not working we love to enjoy, promote and share the sport we love.

If you would like to join us as an active and/or supporting member please email us at

2020 Club Executive

President: Kelly Mullen

Past President: Phil Hahn

Vice-President: Mike Hahn

Treasurer: Dave Myette

Secretary: Dick Verrips


Dave Myette
Richard Elliott Jr.
Ron Krulicki
Bill Wyat
Dick Verrips
Adam McDonald

Kodey Buchanan

Carmen Gazel


Club Membership Coordinator: Bob Moss

Kincardine Hatchery Foreman: Ron Krulicki
Port Elgin Hatchery Foreman: Dave Myette 


Club Docks Kincardine: Bob Hewitt

Kincardine Hatchery Tour


Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby, July 24 to August 08 2021.


Fish Lake Huron and Georgian Bay for your chance at bringing in the "Big One" and winning up to $15,000.00 for the Largest Salmon.


Many other Salmon and Trout categories with Special Fishing Days such as Kid's Day, Ladies' Day and Senior's Day.


16 Days of fun! Here Fishy Fishy!

Our Hatcheries

Kincardine Hatchery


The Lake Huron Fishing Club Trout Hatchery is located on Huron Terrace in the town of Kincardine across from the Harbour.  This fish hatchery was built in 1992 and began raising fish in 1993.

The hatchery produces 2 species of sport fish, brown trout and rainbow trout for stocking into Lake Huron waters.  120,000 yearling trout are released annually into Lake Huron waters and tributaries.  All operations at the hatchery are by volunteers from the Kincardine community. 

To request tours or obtain additional information please contact our Trout Hatchery Coordinator
Rachel Hasson

During the 2011 Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby Ontario Out Of Doors Field Editor, Dale Hainer visited our hatchery and placed a video of his visit on YouTube. It may be viewed by clicking here.

Hatchery Phone: 519-396-5833

Pt Elgin Hatchery


The Lake Huron Fishing Club's Chinook Hatchery is located on Upper Ave in the town of Port Elgin. It was built in 1985. The construction was completed using only volunteer labour as are virtually all of the past and present LHFC projects. It continues to function under the watchful eye of club members who volunteer to staff the hatchery during its season of operation from September to May of each year.

At present the Chinook Hatchery returns some 250,000 Chinook smolts back into the Lake Huron area.

As there is no Canadian government restocking of salmon into Lake Huron, this task has been assumed by the 4 club hatcheries which operate on the Canadian side of the Lake.


The 40 or so volunteers who regularly staff the Port Elgin facility, regard this task with a sense of both pride and duty.

Hatchery Phone: 519-389-4474

   Mini School Hatcheries


On November 17, 2010 the Lake Huron Fishing Club set up a Salmon Mini-Hatchery Aquarium at the Teeswater Hillcrest Central School in the Grade 2 & 3 class.


Club Member Richard Elliott Jr of Teeswater is in charge of the project.

The Hatchery start up Blog may be followed by clicking here and the current Hatcheries Blog here.


A YouTube video of the Teeswater Mini-Hatchery start up may be viewed by clicking here. YouTube video on all hatcheries may be viewed here.

Pictures of students releasing fish in May 2016 may be viewed by clicking here.

Videos of students releasing fish at the Southampton Boat Ramp spring of 2012 may be viewed here.

We now have close to 40 schools in the program.

The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

John Buchan

Club Membership

Club Memberships Available Online With PayPal &/or Credit Card


Click Here To Obtain Your LHFC Membership (New or Renewal)


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Truax Dam Removal Monitoring On the Saugeen River

A complete breakdown on the monitoring of the Truax Dam removal may be found by clicking here.

Partial removal of Walkerton’s Truax Dam completed


The Municipality of Brockton has completed the partial removal of the old Truax Dam.

Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody says the work done by the Lake Huron Fishing Club and Bruce Power on the project has resulted in a much nicer area for the municipality. The $600,000.00 project was financed by Bruce Power as part of its environmental stewardship program.

“They’ve got a little series of rapids where the dam used to be, as well as a promontory out in the middle of the river which will be a picnic area, a grassed area, so it looks fantastic and it gives you a great view of the river.”

Mayor Peabody says it’s a huge improvement over the rundown state of the old dam, which had become a safety hazard.     He also says he had been floating the idea of re-purposing the dam area for nearly 20 years, and the changes have made a much better fish habitat.

The mayor notes that the work of the Lake Huron Fishing Club was instrumental, as well as major support from Bruce Power’s environmental stewardship program, which funded the whole project.

“Bruce Power’s contribution was $600,000 and we’re very thankful for that, we couldn’t have done it without them.    There would have certainly been community opposition to those kind of tax dollars, so Bruce Power’s input was fantastic and they were with us the whole way.”

In terms of further development, Mayor Peabody says the municipality wants to first monitor how the river bed rehabilitates itself for the first few months before doing anymore upgrades.    He says they may have to plant some trees and vegetation to help the natural flow of the river, which is currently very low.

A Great Lake Revival

The demise of alewives and salmon in Lake Huron brought something nobody expected: An explosion of native species. Is Lake Michigan next? And could a more diverse ecosystem offer protection against Asian Carp and other invaders?

Very interesting reading for any Lake Huron Fisherman

Click here for complete article

Denny's Dam History


By Club Member Ron Plaskett

You know there is Denny’s Dam and that there  was an old bridge nearby.  You even know about Thorncrest Outfitters with all their canoes and kayaks stored beside their house. You especially know  that the fishing is very good. But what else do you know about where you fish?
 Click Here to read the Denny's Dam history.

Volunteers Welcome

The LHFC is always looking for volunteers to assist in our many day to day endeavors. These include School, Trout & Salmon Hatcheries, Derby Committee, Derby Weigh Stations, Kincardine Docks, Computer Skills, Stream Enhancements etc.

The self satisfaction of making our fishery better is indescribable so if you would like to join we would love to hear from you at

Lake Huron Fishing Club

P.O. Box 355
Southampton, Ontario N0H 2L0



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